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Bosla: Empowering SMEs

Empowering small businesses and entrepreneurs to join the proudly made in Egypt movement

About Bosla

Bosla projects aim to support SMEs by providing comprehensive industrial park services that meet international standards. These projects offer modern and practical spaces suitable for industrial activities, warehousing, and showrooms.

Turnkey Units

ready-to-move units suitable for industrial facilities, warehouses, and showrooms, can be customized to meet specific requirements to include offices or cranes.

Flexible Sizing

Unit areas range from 365 m2 up to 700 m2. These modular designs can enable alterations to combine various units to create a larger unit if needed.

Loading & Parking Areas

Additional amenities, such as parking spaces and shaded loading docks, are available for convenience and privacy.

Setup Support

To get things up and running smoothly, we can assist with the necessary legal paperwork and business setup.

Investing in Bosla has been one of my greatest endeavors. It is truly a one-stop shop for all my required needs. I didn't have to think too hard to set things up.

Ahmed Sultan

Investor Review

Landscaping,maintenance and aesthetics are truly remarkable at Polaris Parks, especially around the area where our warehouse is located, it feels good visiting my team there.

Abdelrahman Asal

Investor Review

My experience with Bosla has been overwhelmingly positive. When we decided to expand we wanted to find a decent industrial location with greenery and open spaces - And we luckily found one with Polaris Parks. 

Safwan Noaman

Investor Review

Success Stories


bosla 1 masterplan

Bosla 1

Bosla Sadaat

bosla 3 masterplan

Bosla 3

bosla sadat masterplan
bosla 2 masterplan

Bosla 2

bosla 4 masterplan

Bosla 4

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