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Why 6th October

ًWhy 6th of October City

6th October City was established in 1979 by the 504th presidential decree of president Anwar El Sadat, 17 km from the great pyramids of Giza and 32 km from Cairo downtown, has a total area of 400 km² and is expected to have 3.7 million inhabitants.

6th October City has one of the largest industrial zones in Egypt on which the entire city is established, the industrial zone provides jobs for employees within the city as well as from other parts of Giza.

It’s accompanied by a banking sector that groups branches of all banks in Egypt in an area that is close to the industrial area to serve the needs of the industry and residents.

6th October City take a main role of the developing areas in Egypt and take a special treatment from the Egyptian government; it contain all the life facilities as;

  • 5 World-wide hotel chains
  • 14 Universities & Institutes 
  • 4 International Schools / 45 Privet Schools
  • 15 Public Schools
  • 7 Privet Hospitals / 2 Public Hospitals
  • 8 Shopping Malls
  • 10 Cinemas 
  • 9 Sporting Clubs
  • 5 Police Stations
  • 3 Fire-Fighting Stations
  • A lot of residential compounds, Restaurants & all life style amentias.