Developing Spaces, Creating Communities

Company Structure

Memphis Capital Limited

Is A General Investment Company established & based in England, UK & Wales, Engaged in different investment activities and several real estate sectors. The company owns, participates and manages real estate and related projects.

SIAC Holding

An Egyptian private construction company that was established in 1986 and possesses a vast experience in the development and construction business. SIAC has been working on major projects, including industrial construction, top quality finished buildings, electro-mechanical projects as well as petrochemical and power plants.

Mohamed Kassem

Mohamed Kassem is an active member of the business community in Egypt with strong presence in the textile and IT sectors. Kassem has been active in building and cementing economic relationships between Egypt and Turkey.

Polaris International Industrial Parks

Is a Turkish and Egyptian joint collaboration owned by Polaris Dis Yatirimlar A.S. which is chaired by Tunc Ozkan, SIAC Industrial Engineering Co. chaired by Nehad Ragab and as a third partner by Mohamed Kassem.

Polaris Al Zamil Industrial Park

PZIP is an Egyptian - Saudi joint collaboration with Polaris International Industrial Parks and Al Zamil Group. Zamil Group Holding Company is a global investment company based in Saudi Arabia, with diverse range of products and services spanning from air-conditioning manufacturing and architectural glass processing to steel fabrication, paints and heavy process equipment.